Can I only make espresso with the Handpresso?
No, see speciality coffee recipes.

Do portable Handpresso machines make a premium quality espresso?
Thanks to the Handpresso patents, our machines prepare an outstanding espresso with a fine, frothy and smooth crema, as you would get from a high quality domestic espresso machine.


What do I need to make perfect Espresso with Handpresso Pump.
All you need is hot water, finely ground espresso coffee or E.S.E Pod


Can I use my favourite coffee brand?
Yes.  The Handpresso Pump can use both E.S.E. Pods or any Espresso Grind Coffee


How do I recognize E.S.E. pods?
E.S.E Pods have the E.S.E. Logo on them, they are often referred to as "espresso" pods or E.S.E. compatible pods.
NOTE: Never use Senseo or Malongo pods as they are incompatible with Handpresso

Why are Handpresso machines so small?
Unlike others, the Handpresso machines are so compact that you can take them wherever you go and discover a new habit: the Nomadic Espresso.

Do I need to hot water for each cup?
Yes, you may carry hot water with a thermal flask which will keep the water hot for many hours.