handpresso pump

Handpresso Pump uses either E.S.E pods or ground espresso coffee.
The Handpresso Pump is simple, light, elegant and compact.

MSRP* R1895

handpresso intense portafiler

The Handpresso intense portafiler slows down the infusion of your handpresso pump, increasing the extraction of the aromas

MSRP* R350

handpresso cups

These sets of cups compliments you Handpresso machine and coffee experience

MSRP* R150

Handpresso Auto Case 616x640

handpresso auto case

Do you have an Auto Machine?

Complete the set with the Auto Case

MSRP* R1250

handpresso flask

You need hot water! The one handed flask is user friendly and keeps your water hot for upto 3 hours

MSRP* R695

handpresso tamper

Get the best extraction from your ground coffee! The high-end well crafted tamper is suited for the ground coffee basket.

MSRP* R375

handpresso outdoor case

For those of you who have the Pump, the Outdoor Case completes the Set! It consists of Neoprene case, 4x damage resistant espresso cups, a single-hand thermos-flask and the space for the Pump

MSRP* R2100

handpresso outdoor set

The Outdoor Set includes the Handpresso Pump, 4 x damage resistant espresso cups and a single-hand thermos-flask.

MSRP* R3695

handpresso domepod case

Coffee on the go: the convenient Domepod Case carries 3 domepods which can be pre-filled with the ground coffee of your choice. The Domepod Case fastens to the Outdoor Set, Auto Case and Travel Case.

MSRP* R350

handpresso travel case

A true must have! This handy case protects your Handpresso Pump wherever you go

MSRP* R350

handpresso auto ESE - ground coffee conversion kit

With this kit you can now use ground coffee in your Auto unit.

MSRP* R425