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Handpresso Auto ESE, espresso machine for the car

MSRP* R3100

A revolutionary machine preparing a premium quality espresso in the car! Handpresso Auto helps you optimize your coffee break wherever you are. Simple and easy to use, Handpresso Auto can be placed in most cup holder. Just plug the espresso machine into the 12V cigarette lighter, add water and either a E.S.E. coffee pod or ground coffee of your choice. Then press the button, wait for 2 minutes and the 3 beeps and the espresso is ready! Thanks to the 16 bar pressure, the espressos are delicious, creamy and satisfying!

Product Specifications:

 Weight: 880 grams

 Pressure: 16 bar

 Cycle: 2 minutes

 Water reservoir capacity: 53 ml

 Voltage: 12 V DC

 Power: 140 Watt

 Certification: CE e24

 Warranty: 1 year mechanical

*the following prices quoted are manufacturers suggested retail prices and may vary from store prices

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