Handpresso Wild Hybrid, ground coffee and pods


MSRP* R1895

The Handpresso Pump portable espresso maker uses either E.S.E pods or ground coffee. With the Pump you may vary the coffee experience as inspiration and weather dictates. Either you choose to be the barista and use the ground espresso coffee of your choice or use the E.S.E adapter and enjoy the E.S.E pods' ease of use. No matter what, you will enjoy a great espresso. This is a versatile, high quality machine.

Product Specifications:

 Pressure: 16 bar

 Water reservoir: 50 ml

 Size: 220 x 100 x 70 mm

 Weight : 480 grams

 Color: black or white

 Warranty: 2 year mechanical

 E.S.E. pods either/or ground espresso coffee

 *the following prices quoted are manufacturers suggested retail prices and may vary from store prices

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